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Our PC Card management tool allows to read the PC Card and store the data into a file on the PC hard disk and vice versa to write the data back to the PC Card. This is done by a user friendly Windows application which is very easy to handle and installs within seconds.

In addition we provide a low-level programming interface for Win95 and WinNT which allows to access any PC Card format (Non-DOS,Non OS-9) on PC.

OS9MAX does more than the PC Card management tool. OS9MAX is capable of reading the entire media and interpreting the file structure as OS-9 does. This allows in a user friendly windows application to extract files and directories from the PC Card and convert them to the PC environment. You may use all the OS-9 commands with the PC Card as known from a real OS-9 system.

Our software OS9MAX supports all OS-9 formatted PCMCIA PC Cards.

DTR provides full format implementation service on special devices at no additional charge.

Visit the OS9MAX Homepage.



Our software OS9MAX supports any OS-9 formatted disk and PC card. The following information will show some implemented format descriptors.

This list covers only a partial survey of the compatible formats which have been tested with OS9MAX.

OS-9 RBF cards (all OS-9 V1.x 2.x 3.x RBF formats)
PCMCIA PC Cards (all devices and manufacturers)
All ATA, SRAM, and FLASH PC Cards
Old EKF PCMCIA cards (heye ekfdd ekfhd PCMCIA Chipcards)
IDE Disks
SCSI Disks
Other formats

In addition DTR provides free format implementation service on any available disk device like IDE, SCSI, PCMCIA PC-Card, MOD.

The next list shows a small survey of the compatible software and hardware which has been already tested with OS9MAX. We constantly expand this list.

All PC with Award Cardware
All PC with Csm GmbH
All PC with Scm Microsystems
All PC with Systemsoft

Our customers did use OS9MAX with the following systems

286, 386, 486 PC
Pentium PC
Celeron PC
Desktop With ActionTec PC300
Desktop With ActionTec PC700
Desktop With Aquila 2xx Card Reader
Desktop With Maxtor Card Reader
Desktop With ISA Card Reader
Desktop With SCM SBI-xxx Card Reader
Desktop With SCM SBC-C2 Card Reader
Desktop With SCM SBP-D2 Card Reader
Acer Extensa 390
Acer Nuovo 970CX
AST Ascentia M
AST Ascentia P
AST Ascentia V
Chaplet 1800
ChemBook 2700
Compaq Armada 1500
Compaq Armada 4200
Compaq LTE 5000 Series
Dell Inspiron
Dell Latitude CP
Dell Latitude XPI
Digital HiNote VP 500 Series
Digital Ultra 2000
Dual Era 1000
Fujitsu LifeBook 500 Series
Fujitsu LifeBook 700 Series
Gateway Solo 2100
Gateway Solo 2200
Gateway Solo 2300
Gateway Solo 2500
Gateway Solo 5100
Gateway Solo 9100
Hewlett Packard OmniBook 5000C
Hewlett Packard OmniBook 5500
Hewlett Packard OmniBook 5700
Hewlett Packard OmniBook 800 Series
Hitachi VisionBook Plus 4000
Hitachi VisionBook Pro 7000 Series
IBM ThinkPad 380 Series
IBM ThinkPad 560 Series
IBM ThinkPad 600 Series
IBM ThinkPad 760 Series
IBM ThinkPad 770 Series
Maxdata Vision 450T Notebook
Micron Transport Series
Mitac 5027
NEC Versa 2700
NEC Versa 5000 Series
NEC Versa 6000 Series
NEC Versa 6200 Series
NEC Versa SX
NEC Versa VX
Power Computing PowerTrip Series
Sharp PC-9300 Series
Siemens Senic 500 Series
Siemens Senic 700
Siemens Nixdorf Mobile 510
Siemens Nixdorf Mobile 710
Siemens Nixdorf Mobile 800
Sony Vaio PCG-707C
Toshiba Libretto 50
Toshiba Libretto 70
Toshiba Libretto 100
Toshiba Portege 600 Series
Toshiba Portege 7000 Series
Toshiba Satellite Pro 400 Series
Toshiba Satellite Pro 490
Toshiba Tecra 500 Series
Toshiba Tecra 700 Series
Toshiba Tecra 750
Toshiba Tecra 780
Toshiba Tecra 8000 Series
Transmonde Vibrant
Transmonde Vivante Series