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Embedded Systems Disk Crash Recovery
Instant OS-9 Backup via Internet
Instant Disk Crash Data Recovery
Bosch FSA Motor Tester Crash Recovery
Hard disks (256 bytes/sector) replacement
Longlife Solid State SCSI/IDE replacement
Custom OS-9 Software & Drivers
Custom Windows Software & Drivers


Read OS-9 Disks on PC (68k/X86/PPC/ARM)
Read OS-9 & non-DOS PC Cards on PC
Backup OS-9 Disks to CD-ROM, Network
Defragment OS-9 Disks on PC
Read CD-i & CD-RTOS Disks on PC
Write OS-9 CD/DVD on PC
OS-9/68k devTOOL (100+ OS-9 Utilities)
OS-9 Tools and Utilities

DTR Products


MS Windows 10/8/7 USB SCSI Adapter for OS9MAX64
MS Windows 10/8/7 Migration (Update XP Apps to 64-bit)
OS-9/68k Remote Control Software
Read/Write OS-9 Memory Cards on PC
Defragment OS-9 Disks on PC
Write OS-9 CD/DVD on VMEbus System
OS-9/68k SCF C-Pack (Driver in C)
OS-9/68k FMF Flash Memory File Manager
OS-9/68k CDFM File Manager (ISO-9660)
OS-9/68k CDR Driver
OS-9/68k Internet Firewall System
OS-9/68k Internet HTTP/DNS Server

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In order to continue a 100% direct &
high level support to each customer,
we do sell our software only directly to
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